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Double Bed


Dunmore Bedroom range is a beautiful range with superior craftsmanship. The stunning mixed design with a paint and oak.

Extended Life Plus

  • Heavy duty mattress with 1600 reinforced coils Pocket-Spring System
  • Zoned support for essential Support & Comfort
  • Chiro-Span Posturisation provides additional spinal support
  • Two-sided detachable topper (flip & rotate regularly)
  • Foam wall helps eliminate edge breakdown
  • 15 year Warranty (when purchased with Extended Life Base)

Extended Life Plus



  • Heavy Duty Pocket-Spring System 1600 Reinforced Coils
  • Zoned Support for Essential Support & Comfort
  • Chiro-Span Posturisation Provides Additional
  • Spinal Support
  • Two-Sided Detachable Topper (Flip & Rotate Regularly)
  • Foam Wall Helps Eliminate Edge Breakdown
  • 15 year Warranty (when purchased with extended life plus base)

Fargo Double Bed Frame


This beautiful classic Fargo bedroom range is a combination of traditional and contemporary.

Dimensions 4’6″ : W151 x L206 x H105 cm


Fargo King Size Bed Frame


This beautiful classic Fargo bedroom range is a combination of traditional and contemporary.

Available to order in 4ft6 and 5ft sizes

4ft6 dimensions L206xW151xH105 cm

5ft dimenstions L220xW165xH105 cm


Half Wooden Leg & Half Reflection Base

The base is raised on legs and is very practical for cleaning purposes. Legs come in modern chrome or oak finish. Upholstery of the base can be chosen from our in house fabric selection.

Available in Sizes: 3ft – Small,4ft – Small Double,4ft6 – Double,5ft – King,6ft – Super King.


The Harmony is a firm, trademark mattress of the Harmony range. It’s lined with classic L series of springs into the core, setting the standard for the entire Harmony line. It’s a basic performance mattress, built for durability and support.

Harmony 2000

The Harmony 2000 is a more luxurious upgrade to the Harmony mattress. It is implemented with soft-spring M series into a single layer, dispersing pressure and creating a softer feel of comfort. It’s not as firm as the Harmony, but it’s also not as deep as the Harmony 3000. This mattress is more about balance, and is just right for someone who wants the best of both worlds.


Harmony 2000 Ortho

The 2000 Ortho is one of the specialized Ortho Range. The Ortho Range beds are designed to be firmer, making it ideal for people who suffer from chronic back pain and other back-related problems. 2000 of extra-firm series springs are singularly layered into the core of this mattress, providing you with a more supportive feel that balances in between the firmness of the Harmony Ortho and Harmony 3000 Ortho.