Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & Data Protection

As a business operating in today’s world we are obliged to value your privacy. Our privacy policy sets out what we do with your data. The input data we collect from you in relation to registering your account and processing a sale for delivery to you is used solely for our internal processes to enable the completion of your transaction and contract of sale with us. In the case of a third part fulfilling the delivery such as a courier service we submit only the data that is necessary to complete the order process. We do not send your information out to third parties for any other process and we do not trade your information with third parties. We do store information on our secure servers for internal access to delivery information.

Information collected

We collect your name, address, contact details, and email address for the purpose of completing your purchase transaction. We will offer you the opportunity separately to “opt in” to be included in news circulars and special offers by which ever form you choose (e-mail, text, etc)


In the web shopping process you will be asked to accept cookies which is a web term for a process file that helps you and us in visiting our website. This process keeps track of your shopping cart and preferences so you don’t have to resubmit the information a second time, it keeps a history of your visit to our site and also helps us in our marketing by letting us know where our customers are based and what items pages on our site that they visited. It cannot keep details like credit card information. You can clear cookies at any time by visiting the history section of your web browser (such as google history) and clearing all cookies, you can also opt not to accept cookies which will not stop you from completing a sale on the site but may entail the refilling of information on a webpage where one clicks out of the page and then back in.


Any payment details such as credit card numbers are not stored by us. We use a recognised third party payment provider to process your credit card data and payments.

Controlling your personal information

We keep records for 7 years to fulfil our revenue obligations. Records are stored in a safe and secure manner. If you require a record of want information we store on you please mail in to A small administration fee may apply depending on how recent and accessible the records are. 

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