White Standing Height Adjustable Desk



Standing Height Adjustable Desk in White finish (With 18mm top height)

It’s so important to have a healthy and comfortable place to work. That’s why standing height adjustable desks are getting more and more popular. At the standing-height adjustable desk, you can work by sitting or standing at the desk, is good for your posture and the whole body.

Frame type:  Single motor with Up and Down buttons 

Height adjustable desk measurements: W 1200mm x H 710 – 1210mm x D75 cm x Top Height 18mm


Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

The single motor standing height adjustable desk has 2 controls UP and DOWN

Single Standing Height Adjustable Desk Specifications:

  • UP&DOWN operational buttons on the right hand side under the top
  • Electric powered frame
  • Single motor Up&Down adjustable desk frame available in  WHITE finish (weight capacity 70 kg)
  • Single Motor frame height ranges from 710 – 1210 mm
  • Smooth and quiet ascend/descend, noise <50dB
  • Available with table top 1200 mm wide in WHITE finish.

Potential benefits for your heath and advantages of using a height adjustable – standing desk

  1. Improved Posture. Sitting for prolonged periods often leads to poor posture, which can result in neck, shoulder, and back pain. With a height adjustable desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing, encouraging better posture and reducing the strain on your spine.
  2. Enhanced Energy and Productivity. Standing and moving more frequently can help increase blood circulation, which in turn can boost energy levels and overall productivity.
  3.  Improved Blood Sugar Management. Research suggests that standing after meals can help regulate blood sugar levels more effectively compared to sitting. Utilizing a height adjustable desk allows you to incorporate short periods of standing into your routine, potentially benefiting your blood sugar management.
  4. Better Cognitive Function. Some studies indicate that using standing desks may improve cognitive function, including focus, attention, and memory. Potentially enhance brain activity and mental performance.



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